Making Superior Piloting Simple

Learn the easiest and safest way to fly – the fastest way to license.
Get the behind-the-scenes strategies I use to launch pilot's careers.

Computer-generated imagery simplifies and accelerates pilots' understanding far more effectively than any instructor's hand gestures possibly could.

Ask pilots why they fly and they’ll say, “Freedom!” The fastest way to experience that freedom – and to share it with your friends and family – is to get your license.

The first time I flew, I was amazed by the view. Oh! That view! These are things in life that I wanted to share. That meant that I needed to get my license so I could share that view – and that sense of freedom.

That’s what this website is all about and that’s my mission: to transform you to that self-confident pilot whose obvious skill puts first-time passengers at ease so that they, unafraid,  can relish that liberating sense of freedom that you cherish.

The fastest way for you to get that life-transforming license is to know as much as you can about each lesson before each lesson. Why sit in a hundred-dollar-an-hour noisy cockpit paying a flight instructor fifty plus bucks to learn something that you could have learned in less time on this website.

I teach airmanship – the art and skill of flying an airplane. The most challenging airmanship skill is landing. The free training available today is dedicated to landings.

There’s much more to flying than landing. This website covers landings, takeoffs, coordinated turns, uncoordinated slips, ground track maneuvers, stalls, aerodynamics....

I also teach you important things that most flight instructors don't know and most flight schools can't teach – things that will profoundly change your life if you don't know them when you must.