Advanced Airmanship Secrets

Parts of an Airplane

Transcripts: Parts of an Airplane & Self Test

If you've been at this for a while, this is probably too basic for you. May I suggest that you take the self-test and compare it to the answers in the downloadable transcript of the video, Parts of an Airplane.

Let me apologize for starting with such basic material in an advanced airmanship course. Trust me; it will prevent confusion later on if we agree about what we're going to call things.

If you're like me, you won't remember everything in the video first time through but don't have the patience to spend another seven minutes to find the one thing you missed. So I have included the slides in a downloadable PDF. Just click the link so you can have a copy that you can find what you missed much faster. Parts of an Airplane.

To help you know that you've got it all down pat, I have also included the self-test that the video mentions.