Advanced Airmanship Secrets

Yaw & Roll

Yaw and roll strongly influence each other but never exactly they way you want. If you understand why and what you can do about it, you'll find it much easier to keep them both under control.

We use the rudder to control yaw. Sure enough your plane's nose moves left or right with your rudder pedals. But your wings wag a bit, too... and in the wrong direction.

We use ailerons to control roll. Just as you want when you apply left aileron your plane rolls left. Then the frustration sets in. Initially your nose yaws right (called adverse yaw)... not what you intend. Then, as the angle of bank increases, the nose starts yawing back to the left.

Getting your plane to yaw and roll just the way you want requires careful coordination between ailerons and rudder. Some times you'll want your plane to yaw and roll in the same direction and other times in opposite directions. That's why this video is one of the longest.